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Yes, no matter where you go or what you do you take your smartphones with you. So it becomes even more essential that your web page is fully optimized for use by a smartphone. According to the same study done by Nielsen and Google, it also shows the increase in the bounce rate of a smartphone user on a web part in higher by more than 9% in comparison to their Laptop and PC’s counterpart.


So what are the ways using which you canA recent study done by Nielsen and Google shows that the there is a 77% of the Google Search is done on the mobile even if there is a Laptop or PC is likely to be nearby available. The main reason is because of their readily availability and near proximity of mobile phones to a user almost all of the time.


your web page content more mobile friendly?


1.Focus on Localised Content


The best way to focus on the mobile friendly content is to use the Google Trends.

What Google Trends basically do is to let you search your content according to a specific region and its popularity in the same.


Now in the above picture you can clearly see that the mobile marketing is more popular in Alabama but if you want to use online marketing you will find more success in Utah region.


You can even configure Google Alerts to send you regular updates on regionally trending topics that might serve as inspiration for new content topics.


  1. Understanding the intent of the Smartphone User


The intent of the search on the mobile is completely different to the intent on the Laptop’s and PC’s. The content should be based on the deeper understanding of their behaviour while using his or her smartphone.


Google Analytics can help you find the exact keywords your mobile visitors use to find your site.


Using this you can make your content more relevant and friendly to the smartphone user.


  1. Video Marketing


Now more and more are daily watching videos everyday. Again, according to the by Nielsen and Google report 28% of the online users watch videos on their mobile.


As a content marketer we can use this by attracting more viewers on our websites.


To get a few ideas on relevant topics for creating video content for mobile consumption, try using the “View YouTube Search” results in Google Trends.


On a side note, do use relevant hashtag on your posts on video sharing platforms like Vine and Instagram.

  1. Definite Mobile Conversion Points


Signing up for newsletter on a website is one the most used way for a blogger to stay in the contact with their crowd. By signing up for newsletter on a website that are optimised for mobile-user can result in a lot of hassle.


It can easily solved by creating Html5 form that only asks for information that are essentially required and hereby shorting the overall length of the sign up form.


  1. Touch Friendly


Most of the smartphones in today’s market are touch responsive. So in the absence of a cursor clicking on a link can become a hassle.


It can be easily solved. When designing your content and landing pages, follow guidelines provided by different mobile platforms to decide on the size of the touch targets you should use.


These are basic ways in which you can make you content mobile-friendly.

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Now if you haven’t been living under a rock; you have heard about one the world’s biggest ideas sharing website Pinterest.

Pinterest, as it is their motto; is a catalog of ideas that one can share with the world in a clever systematic sort of way.

On Pinterest what people basically do is search an idea or project. See what the other people around think about it. Pin your ideas with them and voila that’s it.

Now you must be thinking how is Pinterest different from the other social websites.

The answer is it’s both same as well as completely unique.

Pinterest provides an incredibly social platform to connect with customers. Unlike most other social networking platforms, content and products on Pinterest aren’t just liked or shared, they are collected. A collection makes it easier for a brand to adjudge their marketing efforts according to the customer preferences. In fact they are more personal and intimate than a ‘Like’ or a ‘share’.

Now let’s discuss about same basic steps that you can use to start a successful Pinterest account from the get go.


Fill out your profile completely

This is the most basic and sometimes the most overlooked feature one do while setting up their business profile. The forms are there for a reason people. They are there to customize your user experience and help you connect with people sharing like-minded interest as yours.

Pinterest can distinguish between a personal profile and business account so it helps you out even more.


Share a Link to your Profile

Pinterest can connect with your Facebook and Twitter accounts. So when you update through Pinterest it gets updated to the other social network connection.


Include a Pinterest button on your site

A lot of the people are on Pinterest, even if they use it casually. By adding a Pinterest button on your website/blog you are giving them to check out your own Pins and in the end making your profile more viral.

Pinterest offers five different styles of buttons and widgets that you can place on your website.

  • Pin It button
  • Follow button
  • Pin widget
  • Profile widget
  • Board widget


Follow the boards of your competitors’ followers

Pinterest is a unique platform where you can follow your competitors account and get some inspiration with it. You know all staying ahead of you competitions thing.


Follow 50-100 new people sharing same interest as you.


Do Remember to Pin daily and aim to create 4-5 different Board every week and re-pin your previous pins on it.


These are some of the basic ways in which you can increase your followers on your Pinterest profile. If you any suggestions be sure to comment below.

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Landing Page. If you have looked through enough websites you’ll find that most of these websites home page acts as a landing page. They usually minimal to none at all navigation and most of all focused on their main task to get you to sign up to them for a regular update or stuff like that.

That’s what they’re designed to do – making them a desirable option for any business that wants its visitors to take one action on the page.

The problem is writing copy for them can be a confusing process and that’s exactly what we going to discuss in this blog post.

So Now we are at it again. How much is enough copy?

This is a complex question which can’t be answered without taking a lot of the things into consideration.

Like what you want your visitors to accomplish on the page, what information they need to make a decision to take action, or how aware they are of the solutions that exist to their problems and the age group of the people you are targeting.Yes, the age group.


People don’t actually read online.

The millennials are really point oriented, they want what they want know as quickly as possible.

The Nielsen Norman Group conducted the first study to determine how users read on the web. In their words, “They don’t.” 79% of the people in their study scanned, taking in only bits and pieces of the content on the page.

They tested how manipulating the copy on a particular website would improve users’ ability to perform assigned tasks. They found that by making the copy more scannable, concise and devoid of marketing hype, usability increased by 124%.

Measured usability of improved web copy from Nielsen Norman Group study



The stock answer to the titled question is : It Depends.

The length of the page wouldn’t matter to the user if their targeted content is easier to find.


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In each era, marketing has evolved around what the customer is using. If you go back in early years you can see that people using radio from there only it give the birth of radio advertising and marketing then come to Television it is one of the extensively used device globally which allows the company to reach a large audience with  TV ads. Even today most of the companies used TV advertising.

The traditional marketing has been a constant decline as the starting of the century and also it is very expensive only large companies think about it on spending on it.

Since the boom of an internet most of the people using an internet which gives the birth to a new era of marketing which is called internet marketing and now also digital marketing. Go in detail according to me first you know what is digital marketing?  Digital marketing is basically a process which promotes your products online or in other ways it can say that we are promoting our products to customers who are using the internet. Digital marketing is done on all the digital channels.

If you are keen to learn digital marketing and help a few companies in their businesses grow,  cannot you apply the same marketing techniques to your passion and build an own business around it and make money for themselves? Yes, my friend, you can very well do that. That is the scope of digital marketing.

Being a  Software Engineer, I never thought that I would be working as a digital marketer but now I feel so proud of my decision. You may get a little disappointed with your initial salary, but the work makes up for that.

I would say the demand for digital marketing will grow day by day and have endless opportunities and the scope of digital marketing has no limit as the time progress. You will be amazed to know that you can expertise more than one profile in this industry. You can learn everything and become a boss at one.

Now let us discuss the scope of  Digital Marketing with solid reasons which were mention below :

  • You know that your customer is your king.  In today’s scenario consumers spend most of their time online and in order to convert them into potential customers, you need to come online and interact with them. This will help you to analyze your customer’s requirements and how they respond to your product and services  You can easily communicate with them and reduce the gap between them. DIGITAL MARKETING helps you to reach maximum potential customers in less time.
  • It is easy to learn and yet powerful. This point I will explain you with your example. In above I mention that I am a Software Engineer and I hate programming and usual IT jobs that seems to be running behind to get a job and secure your life.  In my mind I always think that if there is an alternative that requires no programming knowledge then one of my friends told me that goes for digital marketing in this there is no technical knowledge is required and I am very happy at that moment I joined the Educomshala Institute for  Digital Marketing. They not only focus on academic courses but also they provide me a practical knowledge as compared to the other institute which is available out there. At present, I am very happy with my job. In this also you can do your work from home without leaving your comfort. Once you completed your course you got an abundance of job opportunities. The great marketing campaign has the power to change their fate and make them tons of profit. I am saying this because this is my personal experience what I today I am only because of Digital Marketing. I owe my friend a lot which gives me advice for this course it is a really a great career path.


  • Freelancing


Blogger : Once you learn digital marketing, you would be able to make blog for people or a website in a few hours for anyone.  These are the steps listed below :

  • Set up a blog on digital marketing.
  • Explain it to people. Write great blog posts. They can be in your local language too.
  • Get Traffic to your blog. That’s your job.
  • Include a page on your site where people can hire you to work for them.
  • Do good work. Get their dreams running online. And charge them up as per your wish.

Create your own YouTube Channel – If you have any  great idea, why not make a YouTube channel and make money from your videos with a proper content.

Affiliate Marketing – You can earn through affiliate marketing if you have a great following on social media. You don’t require a website. You can earn good commission. You don’t need your own product. You will be promoting somebody else’s product and earn a commission through it

  • If you are a student and looking for a job:  Once you completed your 12th class and confused about your career what you will do next than go for  Digital Marketing course. Digital Marketing is such a smart choice because first of all it is easy and it’s so vast that you need so much of practice but at the same time, it’s very creative and trending.

There are many different specializations in digital marketing and it opens up so many options for you are: Digital marketing strategist, Digital marketing executive, SEO analyst, Google Adwords specialist Social Media Specialist, Content Writer and so on.
According to me, these are just a few reasons and I am sure that there are many, if you are thinking to make your future in the digital marketing, I promise you that this will be the best decision you will make for your life. You will be very addicted to this field and discover limitless opportunities.

Friday, 21 September 2018 / Published in Digital Marketing

Over the years now SEO  concentrate entirely on backlinks this was the best way to impact on rankings. It is true that backlinks help in ranking but there is a misconception that most of the people focusing on too much time on building backlinks rather than any other things which are also very important.

One question is always arise in everyone’s mind that what is the future of backlinks and how long do they have left? For this Google updates their algorithms every time as AI develops. Nowadays search is becoming more and more conversational and less robotic.

Now 2018 is here some surprises are kept for SEO that its focus on quality rather than quantity.  At present time to get a link you need to provide a quality content, find a web source where you can put your links and establish business relationships with the website owner.  

The mindset of people on backlinks has changed because it is no longer a routine task of SEO but should be a core part of the entire branding campaign, as links became more powerful in generating targeted visitors and assisted conversions that can push every online business growth.

The backlinks will diminish as a ranking factor in Google because They are too easily manipulated. In my opinion, Google will focus more and more on user signals as a ranking factor such as time spent on site, bounce rates, user engagement, Click through rates, or most likely a combination of all these metrics.

With algorithms becoming more on its Artificial  Intelligent and it’s ability to review large sets of data to spot patterns in searcher behavior and web design trends. I  would not be surprised if search engines will be able to give weight age to a backlink by indexing the actual content of the page down to the preferences of the individual searcher. Similar to what we are seeing now with customized search results, but implemented into the algorithms.

If you want your website on top then you will focus on generating original, valuable, reader-centric content that informs, educates and inspires their target audience. This is the type of content that users will want to share and link to it.

At last for large and small business is to still focus on backlinks, but build them with a solid content strategy to become an ‘authority’ within your vertical. This will prospective evidence for you for years to come, with content driving traffic from all digital mediums.


At DIGIIPAL, We are teaching you how to become successful and popular.